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We supply two grades of polystyrene cornices namely EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) and XPS (eXtruded PolyStyrene).

The pictured on the right of this page shows closeups of the surface finish of XPS and EPS.

EPS Cornices have more of a textured finish but is substantially cheaper than any other alternative on the market. EPS cornices generally require an additional coat of paint to ensure a smoother surface. If you are on a budget then EPS cornices are for you.

XPS cornices on the other hand has a smooth finish comparable to any other cornice on the market. Due to the high density polystyrene used it is stronger and more durable than EPS. If only the best is what you are after then XPS cornices are for you.

Properties of Polystyrene Cornices

Cornices are manufactured on fully automated computerised equipment designed specifically for the purpose of producing the best quality cornices in the market.

Remember that we can produce any profile you may want, all we need is a simple drawing of the profile with one or two dimensions to enable us to pick the scale of your drawing. We can also produce cornices from samples of existing cornices however, the design may be subject to copywrite in which case we will not be able to supply.

Surface detail of XPS cornices

We can supply any cornice profile in our catalog in either XPS or EPS material, please be sure to specify your preference when you place an order.

Surface detail of EPS cornices

sample XPS.jpg Sample EPS.jpg

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