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Polystyrene Cornice

Cornicing adds detail and decoration where wall meets ceiling. It can be a simple, continuous section or an elaborate piece with repeating raised design. Buying wood crown molding can be expensive, but now there's an alternative made with polystyrene that's lightweight and easy to install. Polystyrene crown molding doesn't warp and looks as good as wood.

Wooden skirting

All our skirting are subjected to rigorous quality control ensuring that your skirtings are not warped or deformed and also not full of worm holes.  

• Dado rails

• Architraves

• Skirting

Architectural moulding

Architectural mouldings (or exterior mouldings) add detail to the outside of your home or any building. Normally these forms are build or plastered into the building at great expense and time. Now you can upgrade your home with lightweight, durable and easy to fit cement coated mouldings.

Our architectural mouldings are made up of a polystyrene core coated on an automated coating machine that extrudes a layer of specially formulated cement based coating over the core.

Tough, weatherproof mouldings that can transform your home.

We supply two grades of polystyrene cornices namely EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) and XPS (eXtruded PolyStyrene).

Click here to Read more about the difference between XPS and EPS cornices.

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